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As with many potteries, Texans Inc. didn't make product catalogs that were bound in any permanent sense, but rather opted for "sheets", individual pages that could be included in a folder or notebook. The tremendous number of styles that were offered at any given time made this a logical choice, as it allowed a sales representative to target buyers with appropriate designs, and also permitted additions and deletions when needed. Most of these pages bear the heading, Texas Ceramic Studio, the name given to the Texans Inc. sales branch for a time. The sheets reproduced here are impossible to date, but are likely to be from the late 1950s. The originals are in the collection of Richard Gunter.

The Texas ashtray was designed by Floyd Thomas.

The bottom two lamps were part of a "mosaic" line that Kron/Gunter developed at Gilmer Potteries.

Very rare steer head table lamp.

The "Cowboy Den Lamp" is a rare, early style, and highly derivative of a Haeger Potteries design.

The A505 panther was not original to Texans Inc., with similar lamps made by several companies.

Three classics: Kron's mallard and Gunter's comedy-tragedy and steer head.